Okay, after all that hype on Gamespot.com for Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, Gamespot gives it a 4.5 rating. Whoa. That’s kinda harsh, isn’t it, Gamespot? Put a game up on a pedestal, and then hit it down with a wrecking ball. Hunted’s not a bad game. Yes, it could use some fine-tuning in game-play mechanics, such as gold automatic pickup, and perhaps allows the player to re-distribute the skills during an adventure. Maybe the dodging of attacks isn’t all that useful, and maybe there’re a few AI navigation problems, but a 4.5 after all that hype is just wrong.

I personally liked the gameplay as E’lara, the cute elven chick with a sarcastic sense of humor and a fear of height. The game somehow incorporated a somewhat-working-auto-aim-at-the-body for the bow and arrow. Quite fun, when you drink the Sleg and start wailing out arrows like there was no tomorrow.

Graphics? Commendable. If only it’s a open world exploration…

Sound? Rather good. There are some funny moments in the conversation between the two mercs.

IGN gave it a 6.0, CheatCodeCentral gave it a near-60%. Gamespot totally trashed it. Aside from the annoying little glitches in Hunted, the fact that Gamespot gave a 4.5 to this decent game added to that annoyance.