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Just watched a demo gameplay on the Wizard class in Diablo, and it looks to me like his powers seem….mediocre. Maybe it’s the way that person was playing that class, I don’t know. Compared to the other classes’ awesome area-of-effect abilities and line-of-sight destruction, the wizard is probably the last class I’d choose for a fun gameplay experience in the upcoming third-person action RPG, but that remains to be seen when the game comes out, hopefully soon…


An abundance of scary imagery is present in Alice: Madness Returns and is not for the faint of heart. A few cinematic resembling those along the lines of the Saw movie series can leave your stomach churning. A truly captivating game to play, to say the least (if you’re into this action-adventure genre with horror elements).

Sheesh, the bosses in Dead Rising 2 are sooo hard to beat! That’s because they take away one life pip for every hit they land on you. Sigh, need to level up quickly to get more pips in order to survive longer. Gosh, hate that time limit they put on quests, too. Guess I can’t save everyone.

Okay, after all that hype on for Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, Gamespot gives it a 4.5 rating. Whoa. That’s kinda harsh, isn’t it, Gamespot? Put a game up on a pedestal, and then hit it down with a wrecking ball. Hunted’s not a bad game. Yes, it could use some fine-tuning in game-play mechanics, such as gold automatic pickup, and perhaps allows the player to re-distribute the skills during an adventure. Maybe the dodging of attacks isn’t all that useful, and maybe there’re a few AI navigation problems, but a 4.5 after all that hype is just wrong.

I personally liked the gameplay as E’lara, the cute elven chick with a sarcastic sense of humor and a fear of height. The game somehow incorporated a somewhat-working-auto-aim-at-the-body for the bow and arrow. Quite fun, when you drink the Sleg and start wailing out arrows like there was no tomorrow.

Graphics? Commendable. If only it’s a open world exploration…

Sound? Rather good. There are some funny moments in the conversation between the two mercs.

IGN gave it a 6.0, CheatCodeCentral gave it a near-60%. Gamespot totally trashed it. Aside from the annoying little glitches in Hunted, the fact that Gamespot gave a 4.5 to this decent game added to that annoyance.